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General Psychiatry

Your initial assessment at Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center is comprehensive. This encounter includes an in-depth assessment of psychiatric, developmental, and biological factors that contribute to an individual's psychological distress. Dr. Rachal's approach is eclectic and pragmatic, integrating different treatment modalities including individual and/or couples therapy, and careful psychopharmacological intervention. For those individuals who require individual therapy, Dr. Rachal and the patient collaborate on the frequency of "talk" therapy. Most individual's "talk" therapy sessions are 50 minutes in duration.

Couples Therapy

This is offered to adults who are experiencing significant problems in their relationship. The process of couples therapy also allows couples to improve communication skills and cope with transitions within the relationship (i.e. separation or loss). Dr. Rachal will help you and your partner identify areas of conflict and suggest new ways of interacting that will increase your satisfaction with the relationship. Dr. Rachal also works with an individual and/or with the couple to address issues with sexual dysfunction.

Combined Treatment: Psychotherapy and Medication

Many individuals now receive medication and participate in psychotherapy. Individuals who receive both medication management and therapy often have these integrated into one appointment. Some patients receive psychotherapy from one professional and medication from another. Dr. Rachal collaborates with other providers to ensure treatment is cohesive.

Professionals in Crisis

A professional in crisis is an individual who is struggling with work-related stress, not meeting work goals or has allegations of sexual harassment or disruptive behavior. In addition, this individual may also have a psychological condition impacting their work.

Dr. Rachal has expertise in working with such professionals and/or their employers to address these issues. She can work with a professional or licensing agency to train staff and create systems to support the professional with integration back into work.