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Don’t Continue to Live With Feelings of Paranoia

June 29, 2022

The human brain is supremely intricate. And because it’s so complicated, it’s not surprising that “glitches” can arise. Developing feelings of paranoia is one of those glitches. Paranoia is the feeling that you’re somehow endangered—that you’re being monitored or that other individuals are acting against you—despite any proof. 

Being paranoid at one time or another isn’t all that unusual, but even when you know your feelings aren’t realistic, it can become quite disturbing if they crop up often. If your irrational thoughts impede your daily life, consider seeing a psychiatrist, who can use talk therapy and possibly medication to alleviate your irrational thoughts.

Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center collaborates with patients and focuses on personal growth. We will identify and discuss the strengths you already have and then apply new knowledge and self-awareness to achieve greater insight into your goals and objectives. You’ll gain better control over your ability to balance your emotions and achieve your desired outcomes in your relationships and life.

Paranoia has strong ties to anxiety, which can spur paranoia, and influence what you’re paranoid about and its longevity. If you’re concerned that your thoughts are paranoid, you most likely have anxiety rather than paranoia. However, if your anxiety isn’t connected to something evident, and it doesn’t abate or dissipate, you might need to see a psychiatrist, who can help you work through it and possibly dispense a medication. 

Anxiety is a normal emotion, especially if you’re going through a tough time, and everyone has these thoughts now and then. Stress and too little sleep can bring it out. You may be self-conscious about your appearance or that you’re being judged in some way, shape or form. 

But it doesn’t indicate mental illness. Know that clinical paranoia and paranoid personality disorder are rare mental health conditions in which someone is 100 percent convinced they’re being targeted. 

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