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How To Know When It’s Time To See A Psychiatrist

May 30, 2022

If you are struggling with an emotional issue, a mental health disorder, or a troubling behavioral problem, the psychiatrist at Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center is uniquely trained to help. As a medical doctor who specializes in the mental health field, a psychiatrist can evaluate both the psychological and physical symptoms a person is experiencing. We have the authority to order laboratory testing and other medical examinations that can aid in a person’s diagnosis and treatment, and prescribe medication if indicated.

Psychiatrists typically have experience treating a wide range of psychological conditions, including substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression, sleep problems, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, suicidal or harmful thoughts, body image problems, and other personality disorders. 

In a private, confidential, compassionate environment, we engage our patients in the most effective forms of psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, to help them to understand the underlying feelings that act as triggers for their emotional responses. Over time we establish a relationship of trust with each patient that allows them to explore areas that had previously been off limits. By this process we work collaboratively to build a bridge to a more fulfilling life, in which our patients develop coping skills to help them to successfully manage and even overcome the negative or destructive emotions that had once been overwhelming. 

Our treatment methods do not promise an instant cure, and progress may be slow at first. It requires a real willingness to change, and a commitment to give the process time to work. But the end results are well worth the time and emotional investment. 

If you are struggling with an emotional problem or have mental health concerns, please remember that you don’t have to face these concerns alone. The psychiatrist at Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center can help address your feelings and your physical symptoms with effective treatments that have yielded successful results for many others. Please contact our office today for an initial consultation.