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Helping You Heal From Grief and Bereavement

February 23, 2022

The loss of a loved one is a difficult part of life that all of us face, and one that is experienced by each person differently. The waves of shock, sorrow, and sometimes anger and guilt that wash over us are normal parts of the grief and bereavement process that most people go through. Those feelings gradually give way to acceptance as we move forward with our lives.

If those feelings don’t improve over time and continue to make it difficult to carry on with your daily life, working with our psychiatrist at Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center can provide the care and guidance to accept and cope with your loss. We offer grief and bereavement counseling in a private, confidential, comforting, one-on-one environment that will give you the resources and 

support to recover. Through treatment, our patients explore the underlying emotions connected with their loss and surmount the obstacles that have been preventing them from recovering.

Among the signs that grief has progressed beyond its normal stages are depression, sleep problems, substance abuse, anxiety, and long-term struggles with day-to-day activities and relationships in your personal and professional life. 

Our psychiatrist is a medical doctor trained to treat both the underlying feelings behind the grief you are experiencing, as well as the physical symptoms resulting from those emotions. If we feel our patents can benefit from further medical testing or medication, we are licensed to prescribe them. 

Through your work with our psychiatrist at Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, we will create a path to healing in which the pain you’re experiencing will gradually lift, allowing you to move on from the feelings that are interfering with your ability to embrace a full and joyful life, and renew the close relationships with those around you. You don’t have to travel this path alone; please contact our office to arrange a confidential consultation.