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Are Feelings Of Anger Overwhelming You? We Can Help

January 18, 2022

Everyone experiences anger from time to time. It’s an emotion that’s completely normal and usually healthy. But when it becomes overwhelming and out of control, anger can be unhealthy and even destructive, triggering conflicts at work and in our personal lives that can escalate into verbal or even physical violence.

If you have been experiencing bouts of uncontrollable anger and rage that are threatening your health and the well-being of others, the help of the psychiatrist at Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor trained and licensed to treat both the underlying feelings behind the anger you are experiencing, and the physical symptoms resulting from these powerful emotions. Through private, one-on-one counseling, we can work together to create a path to healing that sets you free from the feelings that are interfering with your ability to embrace a full and joyful life, and close relationships with those around you. 

There are many factors that can provoke an inability to express anger in a healthy way, including anxiety, depression, grief, alcohol and drug abuse, bipolar disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. The physical toll anger takes can include high blood pressure, an increased heart rate, and tense muscles, with an emotional fallout that includes feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, irritable and frustrated. 

Working with our psychiatrist, patients come to understand where their anger is coming from, and learn behavioral and relaxation techniques to manage their emotions. In the course of treatment we may recommend medication to treat specific symptoms. 

If anger has reached an unhealthy point for yourself and those around you, Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center can offer the help you need to recover. The confidential, trusting relationship we’ll build together will provide the foundation for a recovery that opens the door to a life of freedom from the emotions that have been troubling you. Please contact us today to arrange a consultation.