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Do I Just Have the Blues, or is it Depression?

August 24, 2021

“I’ve been feeling sad lately and just don’t seem to be enjoying anything I do. Maybe I’m just down in the dumps. Everyone gets the blues every now and then, especially with everything that’s happening in the world. I’m sure I’ll snap out of it.”

If you have been experiencing these kinds of feelings for a period of time and you can’t seem to just “snap out of it” on your own, you may be suffering from depression, a mental illness affecting millions of Americans of all ages. Depression negatively affects our thoughts and actions and can lead to a loss of interest in our daily activities as well as many of the things we love.

While serious, fortunately depression is treatable. The compassionate, fully licensed psychiatrists at the offices of Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center have had great success working with our patients to address their symptoms and help them to reach an emotional place where they can experience satisfaction and joy in their lives. Our psychiatrists are fully trained medical doctors who can employ psychotherapy to help our patients understand the underlying causes of their symptoms, and can also prescribe medication and other treatments that have been proven successful in cases of depression.

Depression can be triggered by many factors, from genetics and biochemistry, to environmental factors like exposure to abuse, neglect, and violence. Some personality types are more at risk for the illness, which also may be characterized by fatigue, changes in appetite, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, and feelings of worthlessness. 

If you or a loved one have been experiencing symptoms of depression, you don’t have to face it alone while waiting to “snap out of it.” Depression is an illness with a specific diagnosis that carries the same legitimacy as any other medical condition. Contact the caring, accomplished psychiatrists at the offices of Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center for a consultation today.