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Fear of Crowds, Public Places? Psychotherapy Can Help You Cope

July 26, 2021

If you have been experiencing a prolonged period of fears connected with being in public places, particularly in any situation involving crowds, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder known as agoraphobia. Untreated, this fairly common but debilitating illness can leave sufferers increasingly anxious about leaving home, which turns going to work or school, social interactions and completing daily routines into challenging or impossible tasks.

The psychiatrists at Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center help our patients recognize the underlying causes of agoraphobia and provide a course of treatment designed to lead them back to feelings of safety in the world around them. We are trained physicians qualified to assess and treat the mental and biological components of disorders such as this. We utilize an array of medical and psychological tests to render a full picture of the individual’s mental and physical health, and offer intensive one-on-one “talk therapy” with our patients to help them develop coping strategies.

Some of the indicators for agoraphobia include feelings of being trapped in enclosed spaces like elevators or stores, fear of getting on a plane or other public transportation, waiting in line, or leaving home alone. Sometimes these fears can trigger panic attacks that leave the sufferer feeling an acute loss of control, dizziness, racing heartbeat, excessive sweating or chills, and trouble breathing. Experiencing a panic attack under these circumstances leads agoraphobics to avoid those situations in the future for fear it will happen again.

Treatment that includes psychotherapy and medication has been proven to be effective for people with this anxiety disorder. At the offices of Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, our patients are treated in a setting that is designed to allow them to feel safe and comfortable as we create a bridge back to a life that is unshackled by their debilitating fears. Contact our office today to arrange a consultation.