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Do You Experience Feelings of Gender Dysphoria?

May 26, 2021

Gender dysphoria happens to someone when he (or she) feels uncomfortable as the sex that he was assigned at birth and/or feels distressed about his sex-related physical characteristics. Gender dysphoria concentrates on the individual’s feeling of discomfort rather than his identity. Gender dysphoria can start in childhood and endure into adolescence and adulthood. Periods of gender dysphoria can also come and go, as well as begin in adulthood. 

Individuals who are transgender or choose to not match masculine or feminine gender norms might feel gender dysphoria at some point, but not everyone is affected. Some transgender and gender-nonconforming people feel comfortable with their bodies, with or without medical involvement.

If you know or think that you are experiencing issues that are consistent with gender dysphoria, please seek help from the office of Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center. Our psychiatrists are experts at helping people manage all types of psychiatric issues, including gender dysphoria. Our doctors—all of who offer hope, compassion and empathy—are fully trained in how to help you decipher and deal with your feelings. We’re not here to judge you; we’re here to help.

Gender dysphoria can hinder many aspects of the lives of people who experience it. Some of those aspects include an intense preoccupation that interferes with daily activities; young people refusing to attend school because they don’t want to dress in clothes that are associated with their sex; students not going to school because they’re afraid they’ll be teased or harassed. The above also holds true regarding why some adults don’t want to go to their jobs. Both can result in dropping out of school or unemployment. 

Personal relationships—platonic and romantic—can be fraught with difficulties, while anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, substance abuse and other struggles can also crop up.

At the office of Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, all of our patients are treated with the utmost compassion and conviction. Our psychiatrists are extremely experienced with gender dysphoria. Please let us help you. Contact us today to make an appointment.