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Eating Disorders: Get Help Here

February 10, 2020

Living with an eating disorder is not pleasant for anyone afflicted by it. Not only does it have a unhealthy effect on that person’s quality of life, it can also touch his or her family and friends.

At the office of Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, we’re committed to helping those with eating disorders with empathy, patience and a broad spectrum of knowledge. We provide the highest quality of skilled and experienced care. When treating our patients, we tailor the healing to address each patient’s needs; different people respond to a variety of treatments, even if they have the same eating disorder. And you can rest assured that we’re committed to helping your condition with discretion, whatever its nature.

There are three main types of eating disorders:

  • Bulimia nervosa, which is defined by repeated episodes of binge eating within a relatively short period of time. The massive food consumption is followed by compensatory behaviors such as vomiting, misusing laxatives or diuretics, fasting and excessive exercise.
  • Binge eating disorder is characterized by regular episodes of uncontrollable eating with feelings of loss of control. Many people also feel guilt, embarrassment and disgust.
  • Those with anorexia nervosa eat as little as possible, have an intense fear of gaining weight and are disturbed by their self-perceived weight or shape. They control food and weight as a means of controlling areas of their lives in which they feel out of control, or as a way of expressing complex or concerning emotions.

At the office of Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, our medical professionals are dedicated to the care and comfort of every patient. We maintain a position at the forefront of advances in care and offer effective solutions to treat your condition. For more information on our practice and the array of our services, call our office today!