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Cognitive Behavior Therapy

November 11, 2019

Learning ways to stop negative thinking and communicate more effectively can help you improve relationships and feel better about yourself. At the office of Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, we can guide you in the best approaches to improve your mental health and overall wellbeing.

If your struggle with negative thoughts that impact your choices in life, learning ways to challenge these patterns can help. Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is one approach to help you do this. CBT is sometimes recommended in addition to medication to enhance your results.

CBT is a short-term, specific type of talk therapy designed to provide patients with a structured approach to understanding and challenging negative behavior. It consists of a series of one-on-one or group therapy sessions with a psychologist specially trained in CBT. This type of therapy involves role-playing, and teaches skills to help transform thinking processes and ultimately change behavior.

CBT is often used—in combination with medication or alone—to treat a range of conditions such as panic disorder, social phobia, eating disorders, and many other mental health conditions.

The goals are to help you identify problems, change thought patterns, and develop a more positive approach to life. To find out if CBT may be beneficial to you, schedule a consultation with us. During this appointment we can help you determine the best type of therapy for your needs.

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